Lilla Galambos


„Die Operette erzählt auf gelungene Weise eine klassische Liebesgeschichte in drei Akten: Sylva Varescu (sehr überzeugend: Lilla Galambos), … vor allem Galambos die hohen Tonlagen klar und überzeugend ertönen ließ ...“

Osnabrücker Zeitung

Osnabrücker Zeitung
Osnabrücker Zeitung, 25.Jänner 2017
„Klassische Liebensgeschichte grandios inszeniert“
„Und auch mit der Sopranistin Lilla Galambos und dem Tenor Sandor Domoszlai wurde eine strahlende Besetzung des Liebespaares präsentiert. Das Publikum dankte mit Zwischenapplaus, Rhythmusklatschen und Bravorufen zum Ende der Vorführung.“

Göttinger Tageblatt

Göttinger Tageblatt
Göttinger Tageblatt, 23. Jänner 2017
„Csardasfürstin erfolgreich in Duderstadt“
„Lilla Galambos ... in der Titelrolle als Chansonnette Sylva Varescu, mit einer schönen Stimme und einem großen Ausdrucksrepertoire.“

Pirmasenser Zeitung

Pirmasenser Zeitung
Pirmasenser Zeitung, 27. Jänner 2017
„Beste Unterhaltung mit der Operettenbühne Wien“
„Viennese soprano Lilla Galambos and Viennese baritone Thomas Weinhappel soared to Viennese arias and deft dance duets ...“

Chicago Critic

Chicago Critic
Chicago Critic, 2. Jänner 2017
„Salute to Vienna New Year's Concert 2017“
„Austrian opera was also included on the program with compositions by Lehár and Sieczynski stunningly sung by soprano Lilla Galambos and baritone Thomas Weinhappel.“

Ottawa Life Magazine

Ottawa Life Magazine
Ottawa Life Magazine, 2. Jänner 2017
„Vienna Comes to the NAC!“
"Die Gesangssolisten waren, alles in allem, gut besetzt. Besonders hervorzuheben sind die beiden Sopranistinnen, die die Rollen der attraktiven Töchter Laura (Lila Galambos) und Bronislawa (Verena te Best) übernommen hatten.

Die Zuschauer fühlten sich, deutlich spürbar, gut unterhalten.

Man hatte den Eindruck, dass auch die erstmals in Viersen gastierenden Wiener viel Spaß an ihrem Auftritt in der Festhalle fanden. Viel spricht dafür, sie dort in Zukunft mit anderen Einstudierungen wiederzusehen."

RP Online

"Da der "Bettelstudent" fast eine Spieloper mit wenig Sprechtexten und ausgedehnten Gesangsszenen ist, erfordert dies gute Solisten. Hier überraschte Hellberg mit einer Neuverpflichtung: Die Ungarin Lilla Galambos als Laura begeisterte mit ihrer leuchtenden Sopranstimme, mit ihrem sängerischen und schauspielerischen Talent und ihren federleichten Koloraturen. Zusammen mit Stefan Reichmann (Symon) und seinem strahlenden, in der Höhe mühelosen Tenor ein ideales Sängerpaar, das Millöckers Duette, etwa "Ich setz den Fall", zu Highlights der Aufführung machte. "

Main Post

"The multi-talented soloists seemed to enjoy the performance just as much as the audience, singing and dancing including even some acrobatics. Soprano Lilla Galambos is a graduate of the Vienna Conservatory and the Budapest School of Dance.
She feels right at home in operetta roles such as Hanna in The Merry Widow, the title role in The Gypsy Princess, and Adele the chambermaid in Die Fledermaus, although she also sings operatic coloratura roles such as Olympian in The Tales of Hoffmann.

It was a heartwarming, uplifting, joyous experience full of good humor, great singing and dancing – sometimes bordering on acrobatics –, and music that made young and old sway, tap and applaud to the shiny notes - something to start the new year off on a positive note of art and beauty."

American Hungarian Journal

American Hungarian Journal, Jan 9, 2015
Blue Danube, Viennese Waltzes and Hungarian Performers on the Stage of Disney Hall in Attila Glatz’s Gorgeous New Year’s Concert
"We passed an evening that was both beautiful and informative with a young Hungarian, Lilla Galambos, a girl pretty as a picture, whose soprano voice is as clear as a bell and who knows how to present her vocal performance with incredible charm...

"In the second part of the programme, dedicated entirely to Franz Lehár, she sang the aria of Vilja in Hungarian, followed by the tenor’s performance of "Liebesglück" and of a French song titled, "Ma rose blanche", which compares women to flowers. The masterful performance of the vocal artists of well-known pieces from "Friderike", "The Land of Smiles", "Giuditta" and "Schön ist die Welt", led the audience to believe that "Liebe, du Himmel auf Erden" (love, you heaven on earth) could become reality, sometimes. Most certainly on the stage."

Der Neuer Merker

Sieglinde Pfabigan,
Der Neue Merker, 12/2012,
Discoveries - Recommendations: 6.10.
Lehár-Schlössl: "LEHARIADE"
"He shouldered the soloist of the evening, the Hungarian soprano singer Lilla Galambos, and put her down on stage as Puppet Olympia (from Offenbach’s "The Tales of Hoffman"). She was wound up by a large key and sang polished coloraturas, artistically embelllished by fine echoes in the second stanza. In the part of cheeky Adele ("The Bat") and in the sentimentally-pathetic mood of Nico Dostal’s "Spiel mir das Lied von Glück und Treu" , her soubrette-like voice showed off to it’s best advantage."


Albrecht Schmidt,
Rüsselsheimer Echo, 12.1.2013,
"Nothing doing without the Strauß clan"
"What if the enthusiastic audience calls for encores by way of seemingly infinite applause? And one more time and yet another time and finally a third time over? And what if the audience then still continues the rapturous acclamation? It is then that the conductor has no other option left but to go on the stage and declare that the orchestra in Kelsterbach is full of sparkish enthusiasm and looking forward to next year’s guest performance but that still, "that’s all for tonight!". This is how a rousing New Year concert featuring the Johann-Strauß-Orchestra of Frankfurt ended on Saturday evening.

What’s more, the soloist, a Hungarian lady by the name of Lilla Galambos, proved to be a real vocal treat.

...Lilla Galambos revealed the full range of her abilities. In her performance of Silva in "The Csárdás (Gipsy) Princess" she was captivating in a dashing costume as temperamental Puszta girl and she delighted the audience with her vocal performance and dramatic abilities in playing this part. Thunderous applause was her reward."

Frankfurter Neue Presse

Leo Postl,
Frankfurter Neue Presse, 7.1.2013,
"Puszta-Sounds for the New Year"
"The voice and the charisma of the soprano singer, Lilla Galambos, were captivating. She was completely at ease in adapting her mimic art and her acting to the various parts she enacted and was convincing both as a singer and as an actress.

At times, the appearances of the soprano singer, Lilla Galambos, were TEMPERAMENTAL and at other times, they were romantic".


"Jauntily setting off into the New Year"
" the person of Lilla Galambos (photo), a charming Hungarian, whose singing voice was fully convincing and whose perfectly judged performance featured her masterfully applied Hungarian accent. Her recital of the song "Juliska from Budapest" from "The blue Mask" made eyes light up. Galambos studied singing at the Vienna Konservatorium and has also undergone training as a dancer, which benefits her onstage."

Verlag Wittich

Kelsterbach aktuell,
11. Januar 2013,
"Starting the Post-Jubilee Year cheerily"
"The vocal part was filled by the soprano singer Lilla Galambos, who completed her singing education in Vienna and also underwent supplementary training in New York. Her impressive soprano voice marked her performance of i.a. "Spiel ich die Unschuld vom Lande" (when I play the innocent from the country) from the German opera "Die Fledermaus" (The Bat) by Johann Strauß the Younger and the song of The Puppet Olympia from "The Tales of Hoffman" by Jacques Offenbach."

Rhein Main Presse

Meike Jährig,
Rhein Main Presse, 12. Januar 2013,
"Elatedly into the New Year with the Johann-Strauß-Orchestra"
"It was hard to believe how charmingly and at the same time in what versed manner Lilla Galambos presented herself on the hr4-stage, having off-handedly slid-in between two more acts of appearance on that day. She perfectly intonated and sung operetta- and musical hits such as "Mein Herr Marquis", "Wiener Blut" and "I could have danced all night" and enchanted the audience. We will no doubt be hearing much more about Lilla Galambos."

Rhein Main Presse

"A musical surprise"

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